New Photoblog

Update: Selfhosted yet again:

I am happy to announce my new photoblog over at I started it for two reasons: 1. to play a bit with a new theme called Monotone, which automatically determines the background for images on the site shows one post at a time (like a real photoblog should do). 2. because I had a couple of shots that I wanted to show to a couple of friends on the net.

Have fun with it or just ignore…

Working for a brand new company

Today is my first day working for a new company. Well, actually it is not just a new company for me, it is a new company: Thomson Reuters.

As you might have read in the last couple of month, Reuters has been aquired by Thomson. Today now is what we’ve been calling “day one” internally. The merger is now effective. Let’s see what comes up in today’s celebrations.

Interesting and challenging times..

Banks in crisis ask for public help

Disclaimer: This will be my first politically biased post, but here I can not stay silent in this case.

In a recent edition of Financial Times Deutschland I read an article reporting that Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsch Bank calls for public help to support banks that had been hit by the Subprime crisis.

I do understand that he talks about stability of the economy and jobs in the end of the day, however this is the guy that always argued that in banking and business is to much intervention by administrations.� Further he is one of the guys – amongst most of his colleagues for sure – filled his (private) pockets doing risky business and asking the public to stay out of his way.

Now, loosing the money (due to risky business) the public should pay the bill? Will these guys get a bonus for collecting public money to fill there companies losses after all? Unbelievable thinking if you ask me. I find this a rather cynical move – even if he tried to correct his statements later

Remark: Links (Articles) are in German (my apologies), however you should be able to find similar discusses in basically every business press these days.

Welcome to YAB

Welcome to my new blog. Isn’t that what the world needed? Some other random thoughts from an other guy looking for his 15 minutes? Anyway – and even if I am definitely no early adopter her – I intend to bother me and you from time to time with some blatter.

However, do not expect entries every day, it will be more now and then style. So let’s see how this will work out…

BTW and sure you already guessed that: YAB is yet another blog.