This is the blog of Michael Schobert. Yet another blog…

(Standard disclaimer:) Please note that this is my personal blog and I do express my personal opinion here. This means that these are not necessarily the opinions of my employer, wife, daughters or somebody else’s.

Having said this, I have been a developer, architect, project manager and manager for basically all my professional life (meaning since about 12 years now). I have worked for a couple of companies so far, among them Thomson Reuters in Frankfurt, Germany, where  I was heading the Solution Services Group Germany and Switzerland (a small but fine team of 16 people running projects in the financial market), abaXX, Sun Microsystems and Siemens Business Services.

Currently I am working for oraïse, a small company in Germany and Switzerland. I joint  oraïse on Apr 1 2010.

Oh and by the way – in case you have not figured out yet – my mother tongue is German, so please forgive me any brutal use of the English language and any errors therein.

Please also do not expect regular postings here, I will not torture the world with a lot, this is rather to get my thoughts a bit organised form time to time.