Welcome to the home of Michael Schobert.

For the time being, this is pretty much a jump page for my blog as well as for a couple of other appearances of myself and my family on this strange place called the internet.

I do IT for my living and am currently employed by oraïse in Frankfurt, being responsible for the solution and consulting business focused on the financial market. We are primarily doing project work around market and transaction data and systems. We are specialised in integrating systems including the development of interfaces.

What I particularly like about my company (being a consultant) is that we cover the whole value chain from analysing the business requirements up to hosting the solution on behalf of the customer. This is from my perspective quite beneficial for me as well as for the customer. Once we have finished a project, we can hand it over to our support and (if the customer wishes so) operations. This means that we are not going into “support hell” having a higher and higher ratio of support instead of doing new projects. The customers’ advantage is that they can rely on a dedicated support organisation and even do not need to care about any technical means of their business solution if we host the solution for them.

Besides my professional live and spending time with my family, I am trying to shoot a couple of photographs. You can find a couple of those on my Photoblog.